Hail Damage


Hail normally has to be about the size of a golf ball before it will cause damage to your shingles, wood shakes, siding, windows or gutters. However, if driven by high winds or if it hails for more than a few minutes this can certainly cause more damage. The hail damage will nullify your current manufacturer's warranty and esthetically affect your home or business.

Wind Damage


Many residential and commercial property owners experience wind damage without realizing it. Did you know that wind can push a 110 ton ship with a 3000 square foot canvas at a speed of 16 knots (18 miles per hour).

Now if 18mph wind can push a 110 ton ship just imagine what a 40-80 mile an hour wind can do to your home or building. The wind alone can do enough damage to your roof, siding paint windows, etc.